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Local Information

North Myrtle Beach Road Closings

March 15, 2012 North Myrtle Beach, SC – Beginning on Wednesday, March 15, 6th Avenue South west of Highway 17 in North Myrtle Beach will be closed to vehicle traffic, and the intersection will reopen to vehicle traffic on Thursday, March 22.

Beginning on Thursday, March 22, 6th Avenue South east of Highway 17 in North Myrtle Beach will be closed to vehicle traffic, and the intersection will reopen to vehicle traffic on Thursday, March 29.

There may also be individual lane closures on Highway 17 from March 15-29.

The roadways will first be milled to remove a level of existing asphalt, and then paved.

North Myrtle Beach Headline News

It’s not just for kids

By Jim Hulen, North Myrtle Beach

March 13, 2012 Little River, SC – For the third year, North Strand Helping, an emergency aid organization, has issued its Great Peanut Butter & Jelly Challenge.  The drive will be held at the Bi-Lo food store on Main Street in North Myrtle Beach on Friday, March 30 from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., and again on Saturday, March 31 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
It’s not just an opportunity to give something to those in need in the community; it is also a chance to have a good time.

Easy Radio 105.9 will be broadcasting live and many other peanut butter and jelly activities will be on hand for this fun event! The on-air personalities will challenge each other and callers with peanut trivia. Local youth groups have volunteered to organize games for children.
While donating peanut and jell, people can buy great hot dogs and hamburgers grilled on site by Bi-lo volunteers also donated by Bi-lo and their vendors.
Each year as it helps to feed needy families in this area, North Strand Helping Hand goes through 5-6 tons of peanut butter and jelly. During the first Challenge, North Strand Helping Hand collected a total of 10,531 pounds of peanut butter and jelly.

Margaret Owens, Director, said "10,000 pounds will help us to give each family who needs emergency food at NSHH one jar of peanut butter and one jar of jelly." When asked why Peanut Butter and Jelly, Owens said, “it is good for young and old – a great source of protein with a long shelf life.”

In fact, says it does much more than that. One spoonful packs vitamin E and cholesterol-regulating monounsaturated fats.  Studies have shown that people who eat nuts or peanuts four times a week may lower their risk of coronary disease, help prevent Alzheimer’s, and is rich in antioxidants which may promote health.

North Strand Helping Hand is a United Way of Horry County agency that serves as an emergency aid organization, which responds to the needs of the less fortunate and homeless in our community. We provide assistance with the essentials of life: food, prescription drugs, bus tickets, utility bills, used clothing and furniture. We dedicate ourselves to work in partnership with other organizations to improve the quality of life for the underprivileged.

Local Information

Horry remains in drought condition

By Jim Hulen, North Myrtle Beach

March 13, 2012 North Myrtle Beach, SC - With the horrors of the tornadoes that struck last week, much needed rain moved through some of the most intense drought areas of the South.

A national group, headquartered at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln compiles information from governmental and academic sources throughout the U.S. and provides updates on drought conditions.  Their last update stated that over 20% of the continental U.S. land mass was in a severe drought condition, while another 7% was in a extreme drought condition.

A state group, the S.C. Drought Response Committee monitors drought conditions in South Carolina. Their report released this week, concluded six upstate counties (Oconee, Pickens, Anderson, Abbeville, McCormick and Edgefield) remain in severe drought.  The rest of the state was in moderate drought.

The Committee reported that overall December – February rainfall was below normal statewide with the driest conditions from the Midlands to the coast.

Under state law, the SC Department of Natural Resources has the authority, under drought conditions, to recommend the curtailment of water use. Extreme conditions could result in reductions of water use in areas like power generation and public water supplies. The curtailment of water use may also involve adjusting the quantity of water used; adjusting the time when water can be use.

Local Information

All things Irish

By Jim Hulen, North Myrtle Beach Online.Com

March 12, 2012 North Myrtle Beach, SC - The 24th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade – the largest in the area – is this Saturday.  Get there early, because crowd estimates in the past have exceeded 30,000 people – all strung along Main Street.   

The day begins with the parade at 9:00 am on Main Street in North Myrtle Beach and is followed by a street festival around 11:00 am. Traditionally the parade includes bag pipe marching bands, beauty queens, floats and many local celebrities. For the third year in a row, the Grand Marshall will be a youth age 1 to 19 selected by the North Myrtle Beach Optimist Club.

The following street festival will feature arts and crafts vendors, great Irish and finger foods and a magnificent children’s area full of rides and games. A new record of 125 vendors (up from just 75 two years ago) will be spread out on both sides of Main Street and down its center leaving nothing that veteran festival-goers could want.  

Entertainment abounds at two locations – the Community Stage at 248 Main St and the Horseshoe.  From 11 am to 3 pm groups like the NY Shields Pipe and Drum, the Triple Toe Cloggers, Wake District Pipes & Drums, the Palmetto Roller Derby Girls, Geol na Gael and others will be performing.  Contests like Shepherd’s Pie Eating and all star talent will be entertainingly competed.  

By 8:30 am, when most watchers arrive and set up their beach chairs the National Weather Service says they will enjoy some mild weather. The temperature will be about 65 degrees with a slight wind off the ocean. If that is too cool for some, bring a wrap that can be easily carried because by parade end the temperature will be reaching the seventies.  

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NOAA hurricane forecasts more accurate

By Jim Hulen, North Myrtle Beach

March 12, 2012 – Each year NOAA analyzes the accuracy of their previous season’s hurricane forecast. Scientists released the study results for 2011 this month. The report is of interest to North Myrtle Beach residents. They want to know when and where a hurricane will land, how intense it will be and can they count on NOAA forecasts.

The 2011 Atlantic hurricane had above normal activity, providing NOAA with 383 official forecasts to analyze.  NOAA concluded that when predicting where a hurricane will land, their five day forecast had an average error of only 281 miles and, expectantly, more accurate the closer in time to landfall.  At 12 hours, forecasters set a new record for accuracy with an error rate of only 32 miles.

In the report, NOAA says, “Over the past 15 years or so, the 24 to 72 hour track forecast errors have reduced by about 50%.  The 96-120 hour forecast error has been reduced by 40 % over the past 10 years.  Forecasters achieved these results despite what the report calls a “significant eastward bias in the models.”

Contrasting these successes, NOAA admits to making no progress in improving intensity forecasts over past two decades.  The 24 to 48 hour intensity forecasts are regularly off by one category and off by two categories 5 to 10 percent of the time.

NOAA also issues forecasts of the size of tropical cyclones, “wind radii.”  These are forecasts of the maximum extent of 39, 58 and 75 mph winds.  However, scientists do not analyze these forecasts, as have insufficient surface sensors to make any evaluation. 

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North Myrtle Beach Chamber offers Job Listings on website

March 14, 2012 North Myrtle Beach, SC- Recognizing the need for additional local employment resources, the North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce has job listings on their website. Anyone can view the listings by visiting

Business members of the North Myrtle Beach Chamber can post their employment opportunities for free on the website by contacting Jennifer Prince, Media/Communications Specialist at (843) 361-3047 or email

For more information regarding The North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce please call (843) 281-2662 or visit

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LR Chamber announces Taste of the South

March 13, 2012 Bolivia, NC- The Taste of the South will be held on March 21, 2012 at the South Brunswick Islands Center of the Brunswick Community College.  This exciting event pairs a restaurant "taste" event along with a table top expo featuring local businesses.  Enjoy tastes of featured menu items from local restaurants and get to know our local merchants.  Check out this new facility of the Brunswick Community College.

Celebrity chef Nathalie Dupree will make a special appearance.  Southern Cook Nathalie Dupree is a best-selling author with 11 cookbooks and more than 300 television shows for The Food Network, PBS, and The Learning Channel.  Her latest cookbook, Southern Biscuits will be available at Taste of the South.

Where: Brunswick Community College South Brunswick Islands Center
             9400 Ocean Hwy, (Hwy 17)
             Carolina Shores, NC
             (just 2 minutes north of the state line)
When:   Wednesday, March 21, 2012
             11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Admission:  $5.00, Taste Tickets: $1.00  (tastes will run 2-4 tickets)
This event sponsored by Fords Fuel & Propane, Brunswick Community College, John Griggs State Farm Insurance, Elliott Realty, SunCruz Casino, Waccamaw Bank, Waste Industries

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Annual Awards Gala

March 14, 2012 North Myrtle Beach- The North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce their Annual Awards Gala, “Stars of the Derby,” held Saturday, March 31, 2012 at 21 Main at North Beach Plantation.

Awards will be presented in the following categories: Small Business of the Year, Large Business of the Year, Excellence in Customer Service, Excellence in Community Service, Non-Profit of the Year, Chairman's Award and Ambassador of the Year.

The black tie optional event will begin at 6:35 pm, followed by dinner, program, silent auction and live entertainment.

“This annual event is a celebration to honor our members for the tremendous contributions they make, not just to the North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, but to the economy and quality of life of our entire community,” stated Marc Jordan, President/CEO.

Tickets are $60 per person.  Please contact Charlene Lynam, Events Director by calling, (843) 361-3045 or email to purchase tickets.

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City begins $15 million project

By Jim Hulen, North Myrtle Beach

September 21, 2011 North Myrtle Beach, SC – The City of North Myrtle Beach recently increased property taxes. The increased tax of six mills will last for eight years and pay off a $15 million bond to build a sports tourism facility and purchase 133 acres.  Out of the $15 million, the city is spending $2.3 million on acquisition of property, the rest is for infrastructure

Recently, the city announced they had hired Mozingo & Wallace Architects to design the complex. The City of North Myrtle Beach will pay the company a professional services fee of 7.75% of the total project cost, minus land acquisition cost.

Mozingo & Wallace Architects started their contract by holding a public ideas session September 12 at City Hall.
In a press release, the city reported, “Those attending were asked to identify the recreation amenities they would like to see included in the new park. Suggestions included facilities for Special Olympics, Senior Olympics, bocce ball, pickleball, handball, sand volleyball, a drive-in movie theater, climbing walls, paintball, trail riding, basketball, mountain biking and pump biking, hockey, ice skating, ballroom dancing, a gymnasium, and more.

The session involved a process known as “Dotmocracy.” In addition to wall photos showing different types of potential amenities that could be included in the park, participant ideas were written down on a board. Then, each participant was given a number of paper dots to stick beside the ideas they found most appealing. In this manner, participants ranked ideas.

Mozingo & Wallace Architects and their team will review all of the ideas and their dot rankings, and then accomplish some initial conceptual drawings of the park, which will be shown to the public at an October 3, 2pm-4pm meeting at City Hall.

The dot rankings themselves will not necessarily determine if an idea is included in the final park plans but the process certainly gives park planners an idea of the general recreation activities that interest the community. An amenity’s cost, general appeal, and the manner in which it complements other park offerings also plays into the evaluation and decision-making process.”

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Largest Carolina Shag Dance

September 20, 2011 North Myrtle Beach, SC - The Society of Stranders (S.O.S.) and the Association of Carolina Shag Clubs plan to set the Guinness Book of World Records for the "Largest Carolina Shag Dance," this Saturday, September 24, 2011 at the North Myrtle Beach Aquatic & Fitness Center beginning at approximately 5:00 pm.

Each participating shagger will be required to register and pay a $5 donation which will go to the S.O.S Charitable Foundation.  Those interested in participating should make their donation at the S.O.S. Company Store, located at 102 South Ocean Blvd. in North Myrtle Beach. Donations will also be accepted the day of the event at the door.  S.O.S. organizers are expecting over 1,000 people to participate. 

The song they will be dancing to is “Something Smooth ” by Rick Strickland.  As the steps are called, each couple will do the same basic movements for five consecutive minutes.

Men are asked to wear a white, collared golf shirt with no logo other than that of the manufacturer and black or dark slacks.  No shorts, jeans, tee shirts, or hats.  Shoes should be dark and appropriate for shagging.  Women are asked to wear a solid color blouse or top with black or dark capris.  No shorts, jeans, tee shirts, tank tops, hats, or socks.  Shoes should be dark, if possible, and appropriate for shagging.  Men or women without partners are welcome to attend and try to partner up with others who do not have partners.

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