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Senator Kelly Ayotte meets with Horry GOP

April 5, 2014 Myrtle Beach, SC – A dinner meeting last night at Pine Lakes Country Club featured South Carolina’s two senators – Lindsey New Hampshire Senator Kelly AyotteNew Hampshire Senator Kelly AyotteGraham and Tim Scott – and special guest speaker Senator Kelly Ayotte from New Hampshire.  As many political pundits give Ayotte the best chance to be on the Republican National ticket in 2016, she drew a crowd of around 200 to 250 republican faithful to the Horry County Republican Party sponsored event.

Both Graham and Ayotte are members of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Ayotte’s talk with the attendees focused on the Administration’s cuts in military pay, Benghazi, Obamacare, and Russia’s annexation of the Crimea.

In mid February, Senator Ayotte led efforts to successfully have Congress approve legislation that restores military retirement benefits for current military retirees and protects service members who joined the military before January 1, 2014. Ayotte told the audience we need to keep our promises to those who have sacrificed so much for our country.

Senator Ayotte decried the testimony just this week of Mike Morell, the former deputy at the CIA about the how the talking points Susan Rice used to explain Benghazi.  Ayotte said the facts were ignored that it was a terrorist attack and, instead, Benghazi was explained as a spontaneous protest to conform to Obama’s campaign premises that terrorism was on the wane.
Calling Obamacare a disaster for the economy and a flawed law, she denounced the Obama administration reinterpreting the law for political convenience pointing out that the continuous delays in implementation show that Obamacare isn't working. The law has been a disaster for those who have lost their plans or are facing higher premiums.

Condemning Russia's military invasion in the Ukrainian territory of Crimea, Ayotte pointed with some concern to Obama’s comments captured on open microphones at a security summit in South Korea to Russia’s President that he (Obama) would have more negotiating room on missile defense after the U.S.'s November elections than before.  Ayotte condemned those comments as an example of weak leadership that led to embolden Russia in its territorial ambitions. 

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