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North Myrtle Beach Recreation Department Announces Dixie Youth All-Star Team Rosters

by Trenton Smith,

North Myrtle Beach, SC - With the softball and baseball seasons coming to a close at the North Myrtle Beach Recreation Center, it is time for the annual release of the All-Star team rosters.

Membership on each team is based on the player's performance during regular season play. Congratulations to all players, and good luck in the tournaments!

Boys' Dixie Youth Teams

The baseball program at the Recreation Center is divided into three age groups, ranging from Dixie Minors, to Dixie Majors, and finally, to Dixie Boys. The Dixie Minors league is composed of players ages ten and under, with the youngest players at nine years of age.

This year, the Dixie Minors All-Star team will be coached by Kevin Cordera. The players include Chandler Keck, Jamie Tekesh, Cooper Chandler, Jordan Dunn, Lucas Barolet, River Newman, Colin Cordera, TJ Albury, Joseph Boggs, Hayes Sexton, Sterling Fowler, and Cole Gasque.

The team will play in Surfside Beach on June 28th at the local sub-district tournament. The next age group for boys' baseball is the Dixie Majors, with players eleven or twelve years old.

The All-Star team for this age group will be coached by Ron Hansis. Mathew McGhee, Nathan Barolet, Dylan Doolittle, Christian Coppola, Michael Genovese, Donald Hansis, Garrison Gause, Chandler Gause, Cody Childers, Doodle Hill, Nathan Bell, and Joseph Kelly have each earned their spot on the roster. Last year, many members of this team played on the Dixie Minors All-Star team, advancing as far as the state championship game before being knocked out of the playoffs. With more experience under their belt, the boys could possibly advance to the Dixie Youth World Series within the next few years.

The boys will begin tournament play on July 5th at the sub-district tournament in Aynor. The Dixie Boys All-Star team roster has yet to be released, but the team is scheduled to begin play on June 26th in Green Sea. Good luck goes out to all of the North Myrtle Beach All-Star baseball teams as they gear up for the 2010 playoff season!  

Girls' Dixie Youth Teams
In terms of age range, the girls' softball program essentially mirrors the boys program at the North Myrtle Beach Recreation Center with three age leagues: Dixie Angels, ten years and under, Dixie Ponytails, twelve years and under, and Dixie Belles, fifteen years and under. The Dixie Angels All-Star team will be led by Marc McDowell. Team members include Catherine McDowell, Ariel Smith, Avery Bevins, Calista Gray, Ayanna Holmes, Madison Roy, Regan Urbaniak, Brianna Fox, Kirsten Doolittle, Brynn Strawderman, Aubree Reeves, and Juli Carini. The team will take part in the district tournament on June 18th in Georgetown.

As for the next age group, Dixie Ponytails, the twelve-player team will be coached by Kelly Johnson and will begin play on June 21st at the district tournament in Johnsonville. Those making the team include Emily Davis, Taylor Gore, Makala Gore, Taylor Hansis, Myatt Hardwick, Maggie Hash, Tori Hyatt, Emily Johnson, Toria Lewis, Arica Marvin, Rayni Newman, and Brionna Sellers.

Last but not least, the Dixie Belles All-Star team will soon begin practice for its tournament on June 21st in Pee Dee. The team will be led by Coach Anthony Lawson, and Julia Cole, Sydney Bell, Maddy Bartch, Sarah Livingston, Katelyn Pullum, Samantha Asbury, Sloane Siler, Summer Lewis, Noel Mishler, Kaylee Heiden, Kerian Lawson, and Brianna George will take the field. Come out and support the North Myrtle Beach teams as they advance through the playoffs on their way to the 2010 Dixie Youth World Series!

North Myrtle Beach Varsity Baseball Continues the Junior Legion Season
With its summer baseball season in full swing, the North Myrtle Beach Chiefs are looking to improve and gear up for the 2011 Varsity season. On Monday, June 7th, the team faced Marion's Junior Legion team at home, losing 0-5.

The North Myrtle Beach team was held to just a few hits, with singles by Stephen Butler and Trenton Smith. Butler started off the game on the mound, allowing just four hits and one earned run in three innings.

Rising eighth grader Kyle Cooper took over on the hill after Butler, delivering a promising performance with two strikeouts and just two hits allowed in two innings. The Chiefs will play Conway on Thursday, June 10th.

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