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North Myrtle Beach Headline News

SOS Spring Safari goes green

By Jim Hulen, North Myrtle Beach

April 13, 2011 North Myrtle Beach, SC – A past Coastal Carolina Study estimated that the events organized by the Society of Stranders contributes over $7.5 million to the local economy and that is spent just in the ten day period in April.

As attendees love the convenience of being able to dance the night away within walking distance of their hotel, a large portion of that benefit stays in North Myrtle Beach.  

Through the Society of Stranders Charitable Foundation, an additional amount was added to the shaggers’ contribution to the economy.  According to the City of the North Myrtle Beach Public Safety Department, the Foundation donated $8,400 for the Purchase of an E-Z-GO 2Five Vehicle.

The vehicle uses a 48-volt AC electric drive train and incorporates a state of the art regenerative braking system. This system captures the energy involved in braking to recharge the batteries. The E-Z-Go 2Five can travel at speed up to 25 mph. It also has some of the features of a typical car coming equipped with four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, three-point seat belts and hip restraints, front bucket seats, as well as a rear bench seat.

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North Myrtle Beach Headline News

Proposed Partnership Announced

April 4, 2011 Loris, SC—Loris Healthcare System and McLeod Health have initiated partnership discussions that will strengthen the availability of healthcare services in the northeastern region of South Carolina and southeastern North Carolina. Through a comprehensive not-for-profit healthcare system, the affiliation would serve more than a dozen counties, including the entire Pee Dee region, as well as Sumter, Georgetown and Horry Counties.

The leadership of both organizations believes the partnership will ensure long-term access to high quality and cost efficient healthcare services for the residents of those communities mutually served by Loris Healthcare System and McLeod Health.     

Discussions between the organizations began last year following a thorough strategic planning process and a review of this potential alliance. Compatibility, similar charitable missions and values, and a commitment to deliver high quality patient care are the primary reasons for the partnership.

Loris Healthcare System and McLeod Health will maintain local governance and management.    

Loris Healthcare System is a non-profit organization with the primary mission of offering high quality healthcare services in a compassionate manner for residents of northern Horry, southern Brunswick and Columbus Counties and operates a fully-accredited acute care facility with 105 licensed hospital beds. An affiliated facility, Seacoast Medical Center is an outpatient surgery center and 24-hour emergency facility which offers a comprehensive range of outpatient services.  This summer the Seacoast campus will grow and expand medical services with the addition of 50 inpatient hospital beds. Other facilities affiliated with Loris Healthcare System are the Family Health Centers in Loris and Green Sea, Loris Extended Care Center and the Center for Health and Fitness. Loris Community Hospital opened its doors for patients in May of 1950.  A result of local communities working together, the hospital originally served Bayboro, Green Sea and Simpson Creek townships, which includes the city of Loris. Loris Healthcare System has more than 120 physicians on medical staff, representing 28 specialties. Loris also staffs the organization with 298 nurses and 689 additional employees.

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North Myrtle Beach Headline News

Explosion rocks, devastates NMB gas station

April 4, 2011, North Myrtle Beach, SC (WMBF) - Investigators in North Myrtle Beach are trying to figure out what caused an explosion which in turn devastated a gas station Sunday night.

Pat Dowling, spokesperson for the City of North Myrtle Beach, said the explosion rocked Ford's Fuel Services, located near 13th Avenue North around 9:30 p.m.

According to Dowling, the building has suffered a total loss, and a nearby rental center was also damaged in the fire.

On Sunday night, people in the surrounding neighborhoods reported a loud explosion around the time of the fire, causing their houses to shake. A voluntary evacuation was put into place for people in the nearby Sunset Harbor subdivision due to heavy smoke.

For more information go to WMBF News.

North Myrtle Beach Headline News

March Fishing Report

By Chris Carbone, Seacoast Anglers Association

April 4, 2011 Little River, SC – Take note.  The Shallotte Inlet has been recently dredged and newly marked!

Finally the deep freeze has broken the 50’s mark! The water temperature is now in the high 50’s and reaching for the 60’s.

That means the fishing will gradually come alive in the creeks and inshore.
Even though you cannot fish for many species offshore, you can still have fun targeting the species that are becoming active now.

First on the list is Red Drum which have been there all along, but most anglers felt it was too cold to fish. They are awakening from their winter slumber (so are the anglers!) and you can catch them in the creeks and in the ICW. Some anglers have been successful using Berkley Gulp baits and a few anglers have been using live minnows. Use light tackle and slow retrieve to get the job done. Be quiet as they tend to spook easily this time of year.
The Black Drum are a great fish to target and are starting to stir. Good eating and fun fighters, they will attack most cut bait like squid, cut mullet. If you can get some, try frozen clams or mussels. I am told circle hooks work well with this species although I have never tried it myself. Look for them where the smaller creeks empty into the larger creeks like Dunn Sound or Bonaparte’s Creek or the ICW.

Sheepshead are another great table fare and are fun to catch but can be difficult. I ran into a guy that was chumming for them and it was interesting watching him. First he scraped barnacles off a piling into a bucket. He was looking for large barnacles for the hook and small barnacles for chum. He used a small #4 circle hook and rigged a large barnacle on the hook at the shaft of the hook. He then took some sewing thread and rapped the thread around the barnacle to keep it on the hook. Is was rigged like a Carolina Rig with a 2oz. sinker. This fellow was using 15lb. braid because of the proximity to the pier structure and all the demons a pier presents which is very unforgiving.

He crushed the small barnacles and then scooped a small amount in the water next to the pilings of the pier he was on. At the same time he lowered his rig in the water and immediately got a bite. It didn’t take him long to fill his cooler with his limit! Some Sheepshead anglers also use fiddler crabs for bait and also tie the crab on the hook so the fish can’t steal the bait. This same method works on the inshore reefs where Sheepshead hang out over structure. Some anglers say they are so hard to catch that you have to hook ‘em just before they bite!

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North Myrtle Beach Headline News

North Myrtle Beach Chamber holds annual awards gala

By Jim Hulen, North Myrtle Beach

April 3, 2011 North Myrtle Beach, SC – Saturday night brought the business community to the new conference center at North Beach Plantation.

The black tie event drew over 200 people according to Mike Robertson, immediate past chair and owner of Damon’s Grill.  The event sold out and the Chamber had to deny last minute requests.

During the festivities, Mark Jordan, President and CEO, presented awards in various categories to businesses in the community while attendees bid on items in the silent auction to raise money for the Loris/Seacoast Healthcare Foundation.

The Chamber recognized Sea Haven as the non-profit of the year. Sea Haven works with at-risk young people in the community to provide a wide range of services that combats hunger and offers life skills instruction.

Barefoot Community Church received the Chamber award for excellence in Customer Service competing with Sweetgrass Catering.

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North Myrtle Beach Sports News

Consider This: CCU Basketball


The CCU Basketball program has captured a lot of attention the past week, and not because of its outstanding on-court performance, but due to allegations of possible recruiting violations.

Consider This: Cam Newton, quarterback for College Football's National Champion Auburn Tigers and certainly a first round NFL draft pick, was hounded this past fall by allegations of wrongdoing. However, we still don't know if those accusations are true because the NCAA works slowly and methodically, and rightfully so, before releasing the results of an investigation. It will follow the same process with CCU so don't expect any additional information until late summer or early fall.

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Local Information

Gas prices spark push for boycott


With the average price of gasoline in South Carolina 47 cents a gallon higher than just a month ago, many people are searching for a way to get fuel costs under control. On Facebook more than 150,000 people have pledged to participate in a "Gas Strike" on Thursday.

That's an idea Soni Dhimo supports. While stopped at a gas station in Myrtle Beach Wednesday he said prices are getting to the point that they are affecting his everyday life.

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North Myrtle Beach Headline News

March 2011 - Irish-American Month Proclamation

by Marie Coppola

President Obama proclaimed March 2011 as Irish-American Heritage Month. "I call upon all Americans to observe this month by celebrating the contributions of Irish Americans to our Nation."

In his Proclamation, he reminds us that "...for millions of Americans, their journey began in Ireland. In the wake of the Great Hunger, many sons and daughters of Erin came to our shores seeking a brighter day, with only courage and the enduring values of faith and family to sustain them. Alongside many others who sought a better life in a new Nation, these intrepid immigrants built strong communities and helped forge our country’s future. During Irish-American Heritage Month, we honor the contributions Irish Americans have made, and celebrate the nearly 40 million among us who proudly trace their roots back to Ireland."

"The Irish have overcome discrimination and carved out a place for themselves in the American story. Through hard work, perseverance, and patriotism, women and men of Irish descent have given their brawn, brains, and blood to make and remake this Nation — pulling it westward, pushing it skyward, and moving it forward. Half a century ago, John F. Kennedy became our first Irish-American Catholic President and with countless other Irish Americans whose leadership and service have steered the course of our Nation. Seldom in this world has a country so small had so large an impact on another."

Immigrants from Scotland and Ireland, along with their descendents, are technically called Scots-Irish. Famous Scots-Irish-Americans include: Thomas Brandon and Andrew Pickens, Revolutionary War heroes; John C. Calhoun, Vice President of the U.S., and Woodrew Wilson, President of the U.S.

More than one-third of all U.S. Presidents had substantial ancestral origins in the northern province of Ireland (Ulster). President Bill Clinton spoke proudly of that fact, and his own ancestral links with the province. Clinton is one of at least seventeen Chief Executives descended from emigrants to the United States from the north of Ireland. While many of the Presidents have typically Ulster-Scots surnames – Jackson, Johnson, McKinley, Wilson – others, such as Roosevelt and Cleveland, have links which are less obvious.

The Irish are an important part of South Carolina history. Families who emigrated from Scotland and Ireland, often by way of New England states such as Pennsylvania, brought with them a ruggedness honed from years of religious persecution.









 May the leprechauns be near you,

To spread luck along your way

And may all the Irish angels

Smile upon you on St. Patrick's Day.

Ref: Wikipedia; SCIWAY; President's Proclamation  



North Myrtle Beach Sports News

Golf tournament brings tourism, newcomers to the North Strand


Over 140 collegiate golfers hit the green at the Barefoot Resort in North Myrtle Beach for the Barefoot at the Beach Collegiate Women's Golf Tournament. The tournament is actually organized and sponsored by the Lowcountry's College of Charleston. This is the first year that the tournament has been held at Barefoot in the North Strand, but it stands as a testament to growing sports tourism in the greater Myrtle Beach area.

"It helps expose Myrtle Beach to people who wouldn't have exposure to it," said Lew Gach, a golf official and Dean of Golf Academy of America. "We have a lot of visitors and a lot of spectators as well. It gives them an opportunity to play Myrtle Beach and hopefully they'll come back."

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Local Information

Plans For Grand Strand Sports Complexes Come To Life


NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC - The three newest fields at Grand Park in Myrtle Beach obviously can be used for softball, or baseball, but they were designed with artificial turf to make them great for other sports too. However, until late last week only a few games of soccer have kept the fields from being used exclusively as softball/baseball fields since they opened almost a year ago.

Late last week is when collegiate lacrosse teams from several states began using the fields for spring training. As the players continue practice and scrimmage games this week, it is a sign that the fields are finally living up to the multi-use potential that was always planned.

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