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Loser pays â€" says U.S. Senator John McCain

By Jim Hulen—

Senator_John_McCainNorth Myrtle Beach December 1, 2007—U.S. Senator and Presidential Candidate John McCain visited several locations in North Myrtle Beach on the last day of November.

In response to a question concerning tort reform, McCain said, “I have never received a dime from trial lawyers; I have always been in favor of tort reform.”

“In every other industry when technological advances are implemented costs to the consumer decreases. This is not the case in healthcare.”

“Because of the need for health care reform, medical malpractice reform is at least my second highest priority.”

“Every time there is new technology, doctors perform defensive medicine. I can’t tell you the number of tests that all of us in this room have taken just to so that doctors won’t be sued for malpractice. That is one reason costs go up.”

Concluding on this subject to an enormous round of applause, McCain said, “In a perfect world, the loser [in a medical malpractice lawsuit] would pay [legal and trial costs].  It would have an incredible effect.”

U.S. Senator McCain began his day at the Surf and Golf Club in North Myrtle Beach where he gave a wide ranging talk on many subjects to a gathering of around 70 people.  From there he visited with residents of Tilghman Forest and met with the North Myrtle Beach City Council and about 200 community members at Rick’s Kitchen.

Edge_McCainState Rep. Tracy Edge, who arranged the meetings in North Myrtle Beach, reminded Senator McCain that during the 2000 presidential primaries, he won big in Horry County and even bigger in the North Myrtle Beach/Little River area, and was the best area for him in the state.

“These people came out knowing they are coming to hear a man of high character. What I want people to do is go from this meeting knowing that this man is the man to be president and telling their friends,” concluded Edge.

Throughout the day, McCain stressed that the U.S. is wining in Iraq and that we will see withdraws of troops as Iraqi forces take over. McCain emphasized that he is not saying it is over. 

"We still have to address Iran supplying explosive devices," said McCain.

His first priority in addressing immigration reform is to secure the borders, then address what can be done about the 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. favoring some form of temporary work program.

McCain’s concluding points were, “I want to be examined. Get your friends and neighbors engaged. Look at my credentials, my ideas and my vision I put before you. I just ask for a fair judgment.  I know I can lead. I know that it is difficult times that we are in. But I also have a fundament belief and optimism about the future of this country that is reinforced each time I visit with the men and women that are serving our country.”

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